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Jason Brye has been featured on TV since he was a child. From PBS to CNN to C Span, he has been named ‘The Wonder Boy’ and ‘The Golden Child.’ He was considered to be these spectacular names because he did miracles and was considered a psychological genius. He then paired up with George H Bush who later on became his agent while he was in high school and college. Jason has received an Emmy Nomination for his controversial romance scene in ABC’s ‘Body of Proof.’ He also received a ‘Too Much To Fail’ Emmy for commercials and Christian work. In addition, Jason Brye received an Emmy for his work on ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine.’ The latter is a shared Emmy.. Jason received a BET Award Nomination for ABC’s ‘Body of Proof.’ Jason also received other nominations.

Jason currently heads a Non-Profit Christian Organization called ‘DiscipleforCHRIST.org.’ He runs JasonBrye.com and Photography & Video under the JasonBrye.com Name. Jason has worked various movie and TV sets and now he sings Gospel Music and more. Jason released two Indie Christian Albums. To learn more, please visit Jason Brye’s other sites:



Jason Brye has years of photo, video and production experience. He is also an Economics Degree’d professional with BET Awards and other Awards Nominations. Give Jason a call or text right now: 504-323-4123.

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