Don’t Be Discouraged! (A Word of Encouragement)

This blog post is more like a message of encouragement. In the entertainment and film arena, it’s like a ‘revolving door.’ Performers must be persistent and mindful of great possibilities which could blossom as a result of ‘hanging in there.’

Be cordial on sets. Try to post the best pictures online just in case Casting Directors visit your social media pages. Network! Be on time! Be dependable! Be reliable! Get good head shots and work on getting a professional reel.

Success is right there. You’re on the brim of success. Make sure you do your research. There are so many casting sites which steal people’s money. Be conscious of the truth versus the lie. Don’t give up. A true artist, sticks with their passion. Keep striving for greatness!

Casting Notice for 8/17/2018


Now Casting! Couples who are dating in ATLANTA. In a new documentary series for television we will follow couples who are deeply in love but have family that disapprove of their relationship because of religion. 


Send an email to Put ‘Atlanta Relationship Conflict’ in the subject line. If you refer someone who makes it on the show, there could be a possible referral.

Casting for 7/24/2018

**********NATIONWIDE CASTING:********************
Do you know a model-type, attractive single guy
ages 26-33? Are you the guy? Or do you know someone?
This is for a show that is similar to The Bachelor, but for a different network. This is a big shoot and we need to find a guy for this show.
Please email Put ‘National Male Bachelor’ in the subject line.


So as an Actor, it’s very important to stay in shape. Better safe than sorry. If you get a big role, you could easily gain weight in the meantime. You could prepare for that. But what about afterwards? Would exercise with a diet curb those excess pounds? But of course. To be or not to be overweight is the question Actors! Let’s choose to stay fit even if a little overweight. But it seems like most roles require Actors to be fit or at least healthy in some kind of way. I myself do exercise fitness and have created a dance program called ‘Dance Fitness for the Soul.’ It’s set to my original Christian Music but it’s open to anyone of any background. Always stay in shape. You might be on the set for 17 hours or so. Can you handle the heat? When I worked on the TV show ‘Bones’ in LA, we were on the set for over 18 hours. It took a lot of breath and movement. Stay in shape. It’s good for our health. Of course, life is more than just the outside appearance. But being in shape makes us feel better. Since I’ve been doing push ups, going on brisk walks, playing soccer, flipping and jump roping; I have felt so much better. If you can’t afford a gym, get a jump robe. Get a soccer ball. Play volleyball. Play basketball. And drink plenty of water. Stay in shape Actors! And check out my exercise project ‘Dance Fitness for the Soul.’ Peace and good health to you. Blessings……


Casting for 6/7/2018

Casting Directors are looking for the following for a national production!
Casting Single Men ages 35-42, nationwide!
👉Good compensation for the men selected.
This is an incredibly upscale, sophisticated, life-changing new take on a relationship docu-series. We are looking for great guys that are real men that may not have been looking to be on TV but are looking for meet the right woman to start a family.
If you know a guy who wants to meet a really great woman that two major casting companies spent months looking for and vetting and is adventurous enough to say “Hey, I’m willing to give that a shot”… we’d love to talk to him.
Here is the criteria:
• Any ethnicity ages 34-43 ish
• Attractive.
• Must want to have children (It’s ok if he already has kids, but he would need to be open to having more)
• Has a career outside of the entertainment industry.
• If he lives in Chicago that is a plus!
Please send a picture and message to Put ‘Single and Looking’ in the subject line. We will forward the submission to casting directors.

Photography Deals!

Check out good deals for next week – 6/4 to 6/10.  We have special deals for New Orleans and Atlanta. We’re calling it a ‘Dog Days of Early June Special.’ Catch rates for professional photography that will be under $200. Call right now at: 504-323-4123. You don’t want to miss this special!

How do we deal with harassment in the Film and TV industry?



With sexual harassment scandals manifesting, will the Hollywood industry have new players being inducted as key people to look out for? Hollywood has a business culture that many don’t know about. There are usually Payroll Departments, Accounting Associates and so much more. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated as with any harassment. We also know that many crew people spend long hours together and there are more personal chats among each other. It’s best to keep things professional and let people work in peace. Some of these allegations in Hollywood may be true and some may be false or misleading. Either way, going forward; we should always respect the space of co-workers even on sets and at production studios. Racism has to stop too. There are people going through many tumultuous situations these days. So many want to be left alone. Is there a universal catcall going on? Are the #metoos real or not? Yes some may be real. Others may not be real. But let us stick to the facts and not jump to conclusions. We should respect both men and women in the workplace whether it’s in the Hollywood industry or whether it be working at a corporate office for Boeing. I have included links to stories for two sexual harassment scandals. Let us respect the space of our work colleagues. We are weary from seeing so many sexual allegations come out, but we stay up to date to know what to look for in regards to sex scandals.  Below, there are stories about two popular Hollywood legends and their accusations. Please click each link below.

Are actor wages decreasing overall?

With so many networks and social media, we are seeing actor rates decrease. Tuning into hot spots for new productions, I’ve seen big name actors consistently working back to back Film and TV Jobs. Maybe their worth has decreased? Is it supply and demand? There are so many celebrities now. I believe that more people are tuning into less regarded social media stars and the ‘integrity’ behind stardom has dwindled. There are so many stars! Who can keep up? Also, so many new actors have started working for low pay. Just to be on television, many actors would do it for free. Is it fair? Reality programs have made many acting schools diminish. People are being themselves on TV in which many acting courses were not needed. What does this mean for actors? Now, productions are popping up across the United States. This means actors who are not famous are getting lead roles and of course the wages are less. Hollywood has changed since reality programs and social media productions have taken off. So I guess actors will have to keep their day jobs as waiters or sales professionals just to make ends meet. Everyone cannot be Mark Wahlberg. Now, big stars are working Hulu and Amazon projects which are good but don’t seem to be ‘sparkling’ as a production would on the big cinema screen. I guess actors may have to sweat a little bit, take off the make up and work a production assistant job or two. But there is good news. Some media companies buy indie productions. Actors could perhaps produce their own productions and try to pitch them to online networks. With online networks, actors have more choices. There are parts for online commercials and web ads. Companies are paying less for advertising since Facebook, You Tube and other online outlets have increased. And these social media sites are booming. And they charge less for advertising. This means, as a result, actor wages have gone down considerably since the 1990s and 2000s. Thank God there is still work. There are several background acting jobs popping up across the nation. And there are many speaking roles being cast for less known actors. Wages may have decreased overall, but there are more productions popping up since companies pay less in order to spin out online commercials. Let’s wait and see what the future holds. More gigs? Less pay? Or will the wages increase with new talent demanding more money? It will be interesting to see what’s next!