Casting Calls for 9/23/2020

Casting a comedic show on a Major Digital Network -Must live in the New York Tristate area!

Looking for male model types to get relationship advice from a popular comedian!

$500 per-day paid to the Male Model selected to film!

Please send headshot and information to Put MM in the Subject Line please.


Finders fee if you refer someone who buys 1 townhouse

Finders fee if you refer someone who buys both townhouses.
 2215 5th St Units A & B Santa Monica, CA 90405Stunning spacious 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom / 2200+ SqFt townhome 5 blocks from the beach in Santa Monica. 2 units available

Email if you have prospects. Send to Put ‘Santa Mon Town’ in the subject line. This is a bit off the record, but it’s for a casting director.

Special Casting 8/20/2020


There is also good compensation for the couple if selected! 

Looking for attractive, amicably divorced couples age 24-35 who are open to being on a TV show together. 

Both people must be currently single. 

Send an email to, include — name, photos, number, email, a short bio. Please put ‘Divorced and Amicable’ in the Subject Line. Thank you. Information will be submitted to the appropriate casting director.

Oh Corona, Corona, Depart And Fry Like BolognAH In A Skillet!

So many are scrambling here and there. They are worried about the Corona Pandemic. Are politicians doing enough? Who with major followers is speaking out? Where is the world headed? With reportedly roughly 100,000 testifiable deaths in America alone, people are searching for answers. What can we do though to make these ‘Corona Worms’ simmer down?

It’s good that cleanliness is said to be next to Godliness. Employers can teach employees sanitizing procedures as in ‘bleach everything that’s not edible.’ Or Ammonia would work fine. Of course Christians as myself are praying and talking to God about the issues of the Corona Virus. It is presumed that many are probably turned off from Corona Beers as a result of hearing the name ‘Corona’ over and over. But the nausea would fade even thinking about a virus if one puts down beer and picks up a glass of ice cold water or even a mug of hot tea. Some may not even be sick, but the thought of dead bodies in body bags makes them feel awkward. It’s a sad situation when some angels depart to heaven. But we can keep things going. We’ll be uplifting to those in need in ways that we can and many do so by extending prayer whether in person or spiritually. Exercise! Exercise has helped many feel better. Drink plenty of fluids. Stay clean! Let’s cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough. It would help ‘our neighbors.’

Let’s be mindful that many are mourning and want seclusion. It’s a time for reformation and for seeking answers to hinder the Corona Virus, a.k.a. Covid-19. Many businesses are voicing concerns about the pandemic. And it’s good that some care. It’s awesome that we’re having major talks in America about possible solutions. There are ways to find comfort in a time of crucialness and stagnation. Pray! Help Granny or Grandpa if you have either. What goes around comes around. We reap what we sow. But don’t over extend yourselves. Are they helping you too? Spiritually? Emotionally? We’ve heard of pandemics as this before. Those who have been around have seen many die of viruses, but some come back to life like a Lazarus. Of course, they could not rejuvenate and resurrect like Jesus Christ. Amen. But some do bounce back and we’ve heard of miracle stories. So there is a ‘silver lining’ in the midst of the chaos. Either way, we want Corona Virus – 19 to flee. It could burn in hell like other demons. It has caused turmoil and confusion. An attack of the enemy has surfaced. But are we close enough to God to stop these horrendous ‘plagues’ or illnesses? Good people suffer and feel sick at times too. But let’s be kind to one another and hopefully a brighter day will come. We don’t have to be abused and used. But those who are good to us. We can love and love the sickness away. The Corona Virus will not stay. Be of good cheer cause there is no need to fear. The Corona Virus won’t hinder the world always in drear. Comfort is near. PRAY! Then get back to your ‘slay!’

Adjusting To The New Times In Film And TV

Are people prepared? Some have sold dreams that aren’t fulfilled. Look at the Rugged Guy who puts on a suit or Tommy Bahama shirt and he makes online marketing videos indicating that he can help you make millions. It doesn’t seem real and it’s highly-fabricated. Do people know that we’re in the times where many are realizing that there was a massive lie underneath the makeup, witty lingo and videos with the fanciest houses in the back? Are people renting? They aren’t even financing many of these large homes.

So what is next? A person must be patient and invest. Invest time and energy. Invest in education. Like many older ones would say back in the day, money doesn’t grow on trees. Some have prayed hard, studied all night and had to sacrifice. They had to put a drink down or let the club nights go. They had to forsake funny so-called friends who made them laugh, but did not have the dedication to be an asset versus a hindrance. Who has the power to create the next Facebook, You tube or even Sound Cloud?

We’re still seeing that there are opportunities, but who is making the big bucks? People are demanding less as in wanting to see big Hollywood stars. They’ve seen so much entertainment online that they are finding a ‘niche’ and seeing who’s who without going out and ‘speaking a lot about big entertainment.’ They are finding smaller productions more appealing and being less talkative about it. Some are gaining momentum online. Many are turning back into Business ingenuity and perhaps pondering over a new invention or creative, social platform. Is the world over fame and money?

Now a days, many producers and directors look for talent with college courses under their belts or degrees. Some prefer people with Master’s Degrees so that they’ll excel and go far and be something positive so that people will look at the Entertainment Industry as a place where professionals gather and make big moves even after their cinema or TV time. Maybe they’ll run a large corporation or single – run business. These days, many are demanding more out of talent versus just paying them high bucks for a pretty face and slim waist.

The days of Jezebeldom are over. People want those with Creative Ideas to apply for gigs and jobs. They want someone who understands that there is less demand for pretty faces now. People are looking beyond superficiality and they are saying ‘what can we get out of you besides a look?’ There is a change coming. Americans and the world are waiting for the next ‘Facebook’ or other outlet which captivates the world. We know that advertising will be big still cause people do buy ‘at first glance’ when looking at certain ads. But the Film and TV Industry is said to have become a ‘poor man’s industry’ for many actors.

Perhaps crew people will demand higher wages, but there has been a decline in demand for movies and DVDs. Less people are going out on dates and spending money to be in love while supporting Hollywood. So that means less in revenue. People are working harder and may not have time for too much entertainment. Unless we market to Business men as it pertains to music. They could listen to great CDs from great artists as they wait impatiently during rush hour traffic. That is a great time to listen to music and maybe Music Artists will start marketing more to that demographic or person.

Either way, there is still opportunity in Film and TV. Some are ‘fine and dandy’ with just doing background roles and making 8 or 10 dollars an hour or more; depending on the production. It is great experience, but people need to be more practical as it pertains to working on sets. There are chances for people to work in a great industry while being realistic. Plenty of crew people have been overwhelmed by the amount of people attempting to strike it rich working on sets. It’s not like it used to be. And many stars and celebrities have fabricated their earnings making many dreamers become very disappointed once they find out some stars sleep on buses at times. So there are lies. But keep your eyes open. You could go to school at night and work background acting jobs. Make sure you acquire Business skills and Business credits so that you’d have something great to fall back on. There is still a need to obtain great head shots and make awesome acting reels. It’s still fun. There is still pay and people are still making movies. Remember, You tube and Netflix offers actors more chances to land a role. So there is still room for talent. Head shots are still important. Maybe there will be more productions sprawling online so there is no need to throw in the towel yet. It’s just that striking it rich might be a tad too out of sight. But who knows? Maybe a new wave of Entertainment Enthusiasts will manifest.

We’ll see how the world goes soon. Who will be the next big thing or big one famous yet still way under; JESUS CHRIST? Fame is okay if you’re not throwing out the KING! Well, only God knows!!!


Jason Brye

A Blog Update About Teeth – A Smile Is Important!

Jason writes for various online outlets and this is a an article about Wisdom Teeth. Photographers and Directors know that a smile can make or break an Actor. So learning about teeth and taking care of them is important. Please read this article by Writer/Blogger Jason Brye!

Are Wisdom Teeth Easy to Break?

It’s a difficult thought to be reflecting as it pertains to when one considers the breaking of teeth, especially wisdom teeth. Many have argued that the breaking of a particular wisdom tooth is the most painful one to have to witness a sorrowful dissipation after breaking. The physical and emotional pain can be unbearable for many. The mouth would feel bare without these vital, hindmost molars which usually manifest prior to a person being in their mid-twenties; hence the name ‘wisdom teeth.’ Wisdom comes with age. And it is normal for these teeth to take at least 20 years before growing in an adult’s mouth. But are these specialized teeth easy to break? Were they specially prepared to pop up later in life after adolescents learn to take care of their teeth more?

Our Wisdom Teeth and the Strength underneath them

With most adults having four wisdom teeth of which they appear and are useful in the quadrants of the mouth, but with four; it seems inevitable that normal wear and tear would hinder tooth longevity and the wrong bite could prove detrimental. But with wisdom teeth being so far away from the front, it would be difficult to break wisdom teeth. Many argue that they can never break.  And there are some pressing the issue that Dentists should advise others in regards to wisdom tooth management. No one in their right mind wants to lose a tooth.

Wisdom teeth seem to be glued into our gums as they are sturdy teeth which benefit us greatly. They could chip, but breaking completely is almost impossible unless their was a blunt force assault or accident. Let us take care of our wisdom teeth as well. Some forget to diligently brush them cause they are so far from the center of the gums, but they are important too. Wisdom is good and so are Wisdom teeth. Knowing that they are important could help a person live a happy life with beautiful teeth and smiles.

Competition and the Importance of Exuberant Photos

Competition and the Importance of Exuberant Photos

Social Media has produced influencers who are considered stars or what many professionals call ‘mini-stars.’ This has made many Actors and Models upset. There is competition. But are people superficially selling false dreams while making some online, social media followers jealous for a non-paying social media career? Are many of these pictures authentically revealing a star-like character behind the glamorous posing and red carpet pictures? Or are people skimpily posing for followers while not making any money? Many people in the Film and TV Industry have made ends meet, including myself. So making money as an Influencer should be a part of the process. Otherwise, we’ll have a market of ‘faking until they make it’ where many are just being domineering souls overshadowing other people.

Today’s overcrowded web space still nourishes stars who probably become fiercer in regards to the betterment of headshot and wardrobe selections. Photo retouching, ravishing head shots and proper posing are all imperative. People like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and other celebrities have been speculated to have hired some of the best photographers and photo retouchers in order to produce noteworthy, cinematic shots of glam and poise. Proper posing is also essential as it pertains to landing a big gig or for simply being noticed. Perhaps one may desire to be a Brand Ambassador Manager. Image would be a superlative thing. But pundits have discussed the new ‘superficiality’ in America. Are people just juicing up online profiles to seem like they are rich and famous without even receiving a paycheck? Do we need this ‘extra fame’ in an already pretentious society? Of course we don’t. If you aren’t actually living lavishly, why fake it? It makes no sense at all.

 Some have decided to slide back. Through meditation and prayer, many have started humbling themselves. Maybe less pretentious posing will lead to a loving society in which we understand the importance of ‘sitting down’ sometimes. Or we may start looking at the heart more. And we’ll then soon apprehend more and more that it’s a great thing to discover the inner beauty or handsomeness inside each other.  Yes, it’s cool to have Singers posing and showing off nice looking leather jackets and their beloved instruments and mics. But that requires real talent. Many Actors are very talented. But is just posing on Facebook a sought after thing? Are men just lusting after a pretty body while not thinking much of these souls being dazzling, supermodels? Maybe, people are just thirsty for fame and want to be noticed so badly, but that could be a sign of low self-esteem. But either way, gaining likes and momentum on social media can be pleasing. It’s still good. Socializing is an awesome thing.

Either way, the competition may appear to be a fox not worth running against. What if Casting Directors actually look for a less superficial, but whole-hearted one for their casting opportunities? It has been done before. Not many directors and crew people enjoy working with pre-Madonnas so a humbling in front of the camera may not be a horrid thing. But exhibiting thoughtful and concerning ways could be a key to becoming noticed in a sometimes overly pretentious world in which many Casting Directors may decide to forsake the ‘overexaggerated star wannabe’ and would rather accept a person who is more humble, kind and considerate. There is a moral obligation associated with fame. Call it spiritual or too Christian, but it’s true. Many have had public meltdowns and felt like they’ve led a society to Satan. It’s real. So who are we representing? Are we posting inspiring messages to build people up to be outstanding citizens or are we just producing divas who get in the way? Let’s do better. Let’s teach goodness and righteous things. Make it cool. It could hit the world in good ways. That would certainly be the way to go these days with mass murders, road rage and disdainfulness abounding.

This can be a very competitive world, so great headshots are still a necessity if you’re looking to ‘make it big’ as they say even if spreading righteous thought online. People notice neat pictures. They certainly do. But know that wages in the Hollywood and Modeling Industry have gone down considerably. And many Actors and Crew People actually studied to obtain college degrees or they acquired some college credits to be placed under their belts as they went out there to be discovered in some way. So it’s best to have a back up plan. But with more productions sprawling in various places outside of California and Georgia, obtaining better headshots and searching for exuberant, photo retouching services should be essential solutions for the model, actor and singer as well.  Some crew people even submit headshots when applying for certain productions. So this ‘picture age’ is revealing. We need great pictures to do certain jobs, especially in reference to film careers. Don’t succumb because of procrastination in error. Know that pictures still sell. Heck! In Los Angeles, some people must send in headshots just to grab a waiter or retail job.

So take note, get better pictures or try editing photo services to see what sticks. It’s a good thing to do. It’s clever. Don’t forget to check out pricing for my photo redesign and headshot services via my site: www.CatchGigs.Space. Blessings. Au revoir.



Jason Brye’s Writings

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Are Dreams Becoming Abate?

So many have lost hope it seems. Where is the college dream? Where are the singers talking about signing a big contract? The diminishing talkers and friends going around pumping up college has many wondering. Many Christians aren’t even talking heaven publicly. With a weakened ‘dream factor’ in America, what’s next for the millennial? Some speculate that many have HIV and aren’t telling the public eye. But how can we dilute this problem or even make it dissipate? Can we pray? Or speak that many Gays and Lesbians have gotten through it. They kept trucking. Many still laughed, talked about plans and even desired to love. Is contention a rare find overall?

Is the point of departure here for the dreamer? Of course not. I guess with dwindling salaries in Hollywood and in the Music Industry, many have lost touch. They hear of less money, less sparkle and more competition. So many get on TV for free, it drives the wages down. So we have less dreamers hopping on a Greyhound or SouthWest Airlines plane, and heading to the Golden State for a Modern Day Gold Rush. What about Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Oscar’s? Are folks waiting to find a rich Bush to live off of? Or are they plotting to just give up on life cause they see a diminishing return to investing in the future? Well, we need bright leaders for tomorrow! We need another Obama who was a college grad who soared to achieve greatness. We can’t have another Jesus perhaps who has thousands of churches centered around him. But who will be that? One who goes out and speaks with great conviction and heals?

What do we have left? Are pundits spitting out superficial jargon or are they empowering leaders for tomorrow? Time will tell. Let’s keep doing great things. Let’s hang in there. America can still be great. Amen.