Oh Corona, Corona, Depart And Fry Like BolognAH In A Skillet!

So many are scrambling here and there. They are worried about the Corona Pandemic. Are politicians doing enough? Who with major followers is speaking out? Where is the world headed? With reportedly roughly 100,000 testifiable deaths in America alone, people are searching for answers. What can we do though to make these ‘Corona Worms’ simmer down?

It’s good that cleanliness is said to be next to Godliness. Employers can teach employees sanitizing procedures as in ‘bleach everything that’s not edible.’ Or Ammonia would work fine. Of course Christians as myself are praying and talking to God about the issues of the Corona Virus. It is presumed that many are probably turned off from Corona Beers as a result of hearing the name ‘Corona’ over and over. But the nausea would fade even thinking about a virus if one puts down beer and picks up a glass of ice cold water or even a mug of hot tea. Some may not even be sick, but the thought of dead bodies in body bags makes them feel awkward. It’s a sad situation when some angels depart to heaven. But we can keep things going. We’ll be uplifting to those in need in ways that we can and many do so by extending prayer whether in person or spiritually. Exercise! Exercise has helped many feel better. Drink plenty of fluids. Stay clean! Let’s cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough. It would help ‘our neighbors.’

Let’s be mindful that many are mourning and want seclusion. It’s a time for reformation and for seeking answers to hinder the Corona Virus, a.k.a. Covid-19. Many businesses are voicing concerns about the pandemic. And it’s good that some care. It’s awesome that we’re having major talks in America about possible solutions. There are ways to find comfort in a time of crucialness and stagnation. Pray! Help Granny or Grandpa if you have either. What goes around comes around. We reap what we sow. But don’t over extend yourselves. Are they helping you too? Spiritually? Emotionally? We’ve heard of pandemics as this before. Those who have been around have seen many die of viruses, but some come back to life like a Lazarus. Of course, they could not rejuvenate and resurrect like Jesus Christ. Amen. But some do bounce back and we’ve heard of miracle stories. So there is a ‘silver lining’ in the midst of the chaos. Either way, we want Corona Virus – 19 to flee. It could burn in hell like other demons. It has caused turmoil and confusion. An attack of the enemy has surfaced. But are we close enough to God to stop these horrendous ‘plagues’ or illnesses? Good people suffer and feel sick at times too. But let’s be kind to one another and hopefully a brighter day will come. We don’t have to be abused and used. But those who are good to us. We can love and love the sickness away. The Corona Virus will not stay. Be of good cheer cause there is no need to fear. The Corona Virus won’t hinder the world always in drear. Comfort is near. PRAY! Then get back to your ‘slay!’


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