A Blog Update About Teeth – A Smile Is Important!

Jason writes for various online outlets and this is a an article about Wisdom Teeth. Photographers and Directors know that a smile can make or break an Actor. So learning about teeth and taking care of them is important. Please read this article by Writer/Blogger Jason Brye!

Are Wisdom Teeth Easy to Break?

It’s a difficult thought to be reflecting as it pertains to when one considers the breaking of teeth, especially wisdom teeth. Many have argued that the breaking of a particular wisdom tooth is the most painful one to have to witness a sorrowful dissipation after breaking. The physical and emotional pain can be unbearable for many. The mouth would feel bare without these vital, hindmost molars which usually manifest prior to a person being in their mid-twenties; hence the name ‘wisdom teeth.’ Wisdom comes with age. And it is normal for these teeth to take at least 20 years before growing in an adult’s mouth. But are these specialized teeth easy to break? Were they specially prepared to pop up later in life after adolescents learn to take care of their teeth more?

Our Wisdom Teeth and the Strength underneath them

With most adults having four wisdom teeth of which they appear and are useful in the quadrants of the mouth, but with four; it seems inevitable that normal wear and tear would hinder tooth longevity and the wrong bite could prove detrimental. But with wisdom teeth being so far away from the front, it would be difficult to break wisdom teeth. Many argue that they can never break.  And there are some pressing the issue that Dentists should advise others in regards to wisdom tooth management. No one in their right mind wants to lose a tooth.

Wisdom teeth seem to be glued into our gums as they are sturdy teeth which benefit us greatly. They could chip, but breaking completely is almost impossible unless their was a blunt force assault or accident. Let us take care of our wisdom teeth as well. Some forget to diligently brush them cause they are so far from the center of the gums, but they are important too. Wisdom is good and so are Wisdom teeth. Knowing that they are important could help a person live a happy life with beautiful teeth and smiles.


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