Competition and the Importance of Exuberant Photos

Competition and the Importance of Exuberant Photos

Social Media has produced influencers who are considered stars or what many professionals call ‘mini-stars.’ This has made many Actors and Models upset. There is competition. But are people superficially selling false dreams while making some online, social media followers jealous for a non-paying social media career? Are many of these pictures authentically revealing a star-like character behind the glamorous posing and red carpet pictures? Or are people skimpily posing for followers while not making any money? Many people in the Film and TV Industry have made ends meet, including myself. So making money as an Influencer should be a part of the process. Otherwise, we’ll have a market of ‘faking until they make it’ where many are just being domineering souls overshadowing other people.

Today’s overcrowded web space still nourishes stars who probably become fiercer in regards to the betterment of headshot and wardrobe selections. Photo retouching, ravishing head shots and proper posing are all imperative. People like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and other celebrities have been speculated to have hired some of the best photographers and photo retouchers in order to produce noteworthy, cinematic shots of glam and poise. Proper posing is also essential as it pertains to landing a big gig or for simply being noticed. Perhaps one may desire to be a Brand Ambassador Manager. Image would be a superlative thing. But pundits have discussed the new ‘superficiality’ in America. Are people just juicing up online profiles to seem like they are rich and famous without even receiving a paycheck? Do we need this ‘extra fame’ in an already pretentious society? Of course we don’t. If you aren’t actually living lavishly, why fake it? It makes no sense at all.

 Some have decided to slide back. Through meditation and prayer, many have started humbling themselves. Maybe less pretentious posing will lead to a loving society in which we understand the importance of ‘sitting down’ sometimes. Or we may start looking at the heart more. And we’ll then soon apprehend more and more that it’s a great thing to discover the inner beauty or handsomeness inside each other.  Yes, it’s cool to have Singers posing and showing off nice looking leather jackets and their beloved instruments and mics. But that requires real talent. Many Actors are very talented. But is just posing on Facebook a sought after thing? Are men just lusting after a pretty body while not thinking much of these souls being dazzling, supermodels? Maybe, people are just thirsty for fame and want to be noticed so badly, but that could be a sign of low self-esteem. But either way, gaining likes and momentum on social media can be pleasing. It’s still good. Socializing is an awesome thing.

Either way, the competition may appear to be a fox not worth running against. What if Casting Directors actually look for a less superficial, but whole-hearted one for their casting opportunities? It has been done before. Not many directors and crew people enjoy working with pre-Madonnas so a humbling in front of the camera may not be a horrid thing. But exhibiting thoughtful and concerning ways could be a key to becoming noticed in a sometimes overly pretentious world in which many Casting Directors may decide to forsake the ‘overexaggerated star wannabe’ and would rather accept a person who is more humble, kind and considerate. There is a moral obligation associated with fame. Call it spiritual or too Christian, but it’s true. Many have had public meltdowns and felt like they’ve led a society to Satan. It’s real. So who are we representing? Are we posting inspiring messages to build people up to be outstanding citizens or are we just producing divas who get in the way? Let’s do better. Let’s teach goodness and righteous things. Make it cool. It could hit the world in good ways. That would certainly be the way to go these days with mass murders, road rage and disdainfulness abounding.

This can be a very competitive world, so great headshots are still a necessity if you’re looking to ‘make it big’ as they say even if spreading righteous thought online. People notice neat pictures. They certainly do. But know that wages in the Hollywood and Modeling Industry have gone down considerably. And many Actors and Crew People actually studied to obtain college degrees or they acquired some college credits to be placed under their belts as they went out there to be discovered in some way. So it’s best to have a back up plan. But with more productions sprawling in various places outside of California and Georgia, obtaining better headshots and searching for exuberant, photo retouching services should be essential solutions for the model, actor and singer as well.  Some crew people even submit headshots when applying for certain productions. So this ‘picture age’ is revealing. We need great pictures to do certain jobs, especially in reference to film careers. Don’t succumb because of procrastination in error. Know that pictures still sell. Heck! In Los Angeles, some people must send in headshots just to grab a waiter or retail job.

So take note, get better pictures or try editing photo services to see what sticks. It’s a good thing to do. It’s clever. Don’t forget to check out pricing for my photo redesign and headshot services via my site: www.CatchGigs.Space. Blessings. Au revoir.




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