Jaye Budd – The Caring Musician

So as owner of Catch Gigs Photography and JasonBrye.com, I do get 
artists reaching out to me who want their music reviewed. So I write
EPK’s or blog updates for them. This time I am writing one for a great 
artist names Jaye Budd. I reached out to Jaye Budd. And I was so thankful to get a response. Here it is, December and I was thinking it’s around Christmas time; we’ve got to find someone who wants to promote their gracious sounds before the year’s end. Jaye wanted to feel accomplished. And that he is already. Jaye pointed me to his website which follows:


I was filled with musical zeal as I saw a foundation dedicated to serving
those who need healing through the power of music, the arts and ‘the 
performance.’ This touched my heart. It was inspirational. I looked at
Jaye differently. It shows the true compassion and love for music. It’s not just concentrated around the imagination of fame or money though 
those are great things regarding the music industry. But it’s about love, 
reaching out to people, inspiring kids or elders and it’s about making a 

Jaye surely makes a difference through music. I do enjoy his style. It’s 
Classic. As a Music Producer as well, I feel a certain burst of energy that makes me want to brainstorm and work with Jaye musically. He’s 
professional and passionate about the craft. Charisma, which Jaye 
possesses, goes a long way. It sure does. Please visit http://www.alchemysky.org and see great things on the musical horizon. It’s not just music though,
it’s life. Enjoy what Jaye Budd has to offer. I surely did. 



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