Have You Been Lied To By Any Film Schools?

As the writer, it is best to stay objective and not be biased. But someone reached out to me in regards to being swindled. They allege that The LA Film School is the culprit. They have not been reached yet by me, but there are two sides to every story. But the allegations do follow below. We’d love to protect Singers and Musicians from scams anyway possible. But if it’s legitimate, we’d love to give honor instead. JasonBrye.com is legitimate and scammers, whomever they be, make reputable companies look bad. But the LA Film School allegations follow:

While corresponding with an anonymous person, it was discovered that a party that she knows was allegedly ripped off  by the Los Angeles Film School based out in Southern California. Publicity was needed to expose this matter. The person concerned stated that this school has been sued before on numerous occasions. Upon research, the Los Angeles Film School has indeed been cited before for lewd behavior or more. This new person alleges that school credits didn’t transfer for her party and that they were swindled by the school. They claim a degree of non-professionalism is prevalent and that they were not content with how matters were handled. In their feelings, they make one believe that this school is dysfunctional. The party would like retribution or even for exposure regarding their trials with this school. If anyone else has stories regarding the alleged school of wrongful operations – The LA Film School, please email: CatchGigs.Space@Gmail.com. What are your thoughts? Have you heard anything? What are measures to rectify the situations? Are there class action lawsuits? Let’s get involved with helping one another. When people are allegedly scammed by large corporations, schools or companies; their voices should be heard.

Below you’ll find ‘emailed dialogue’ from the anonymous person voicing their complaint. It is below the link for Writer Jason Brye.


The school literally promised students full-time school hours and to provide at best, part-time school hours for a full-time tuition. Hours were so random that it made it impossible for these students to even attempt to work outside of school. Their schedules changed on a monthly basis and they would have as little as two days a week and  a few hours a day of actual classes. They make promises of connections and internships that are non-existent which is key in many fields. They promise professional teachers and staff and they are all just part-time people that are not even properly compensated by the school.(there have been several suits from the employees as well)  They have no full-time employees at all and have a woman represent their school as their Attorney, but she is not even registered with the California Bar Association. There has already been a class-action law suit and over 25 law suits on record, but that does not account for the multiple other suits that don’t go on record after they are forced to settle.  They have deep pocketed insurance and they bully people into settling and signing non-disclosure agreements to remain silent.  What these kids don’t understand is that just because they signed the agreement does not Mean keep their friends or family from having a voice. The Los Angeles Film School is at best another Trump University scam that is just waiting to be shut down.  They pressure these people into signing contracts that they never show or explain to them on a computer and leave them with mountains of debt when selling them “cheap” student loans which are not cheap in the long run. And worst of all is that they take the G.I bills from our veterans and leave them with disappointment and wasted years.

These are words from an anonymous person voicing a complaint regarding the Los Angeles Film School. If you have any questions or resolutions, please contact!


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