4 Blogs About Life Which Millennials and Older Adults Could Enjoy

As a Content Creator with JasonBrye.com, I as a Blogger too have been hired to write for various organizations. I decided to make some of these blogs about life in general. So the Film person or anyone could benefit from the following articles. I too was young and since I write for a web magazine about ‘going out;’ I decided to place these articles here on the Catch Gigs Blog. I don’t condone drinking or partying too much, but I too was younger and enjoyed a club in my day.

MYOB Philosophy

This day and age, people are watched. Societal leaders have placed cameras in public places and around dwellings while people learn about others online especially because of the new age social media craze which has spawned social media enthusiasts who entertain many around the globe. This is a prying world. So many know every detail about celebrities. So society overall is watched in many instances. But people need privacy and several desire to keep their lives as private as possible. With MYOB Philosophy, many people have become irritable souls as they search for various means to guard their lives and to hang on to their privacy. MYOB Philosophy – or Mind Your Own Business Philosophy – has been a popular trend these days because some are tired. When strangers stare at some people, many get offended and roll their eyes or some may even become irritable which could lead to an irate person snapping. Many do long to be left in isolation. It is important for people to mind their own businesses.

Don’t be discouraged if you are a talker and a social butterfly. There are plenty of bars, coffee shops and lounges where people can mingle and be expressive regarding their respective traits and personalities. People should gravitate more towards reading people to see if they are truly approachable. You ever see that gorgeous girl or handsome guy that you’d love to date? Do they seem as if they are tired of being hit on? Stared at? Are they mentally toggling with MYOB Philosophy where people isolate themselves from intermingling with strangers and society as a whole?

Some argue that minding your own business leads to less stress, less mess and people are able to enjoy life without being burdened with their fellow man or woman’s burdens. Is it more money leads to more problems or does having more people around lead to more problems? It’s certainly wise for Socialites to examine others through non-verbal communication. Some bars are full of bar patrons just enjoying themselves while lonely gazing through an isolated period of reflection and introspection. They tend to wear the MYOB Philosophy Look so well. But how does a Socialite assimilate in a society where in many instances the love waxed cold? Be extra friendly. Smile more. Give people their privacy and perhaps there will be an ice breaking moment where people could mind their own businesses while befriending and talking more to others.

Some just want to exit stage right from this earth as unbothered as possible. There is a certain freedom and attractive, dynamic regarding MYOB Philosophy. Go on a mental escapade. It’s freely thinking about what to do. It’s organizing thoughts. Some people dream and absorb this isolated lifestyle where they’ve found a mental escape.

With MYOB Philosophy, a person can stay out of fights; in particular regarding bars. A person could stay back regarding feuds of infidelity. A person may even escape a backstabber who is a mutual friend of someone you’re a companion with, but the other person may be treacherous and only there to start a tumultuous battle. Some people get away with not being bothered by rolling their eyes and disdainfully looking away.

MYOB Philosophy adapters perhaps hate the plethora of gawkers and also looks that they receive while partying  in a nightclub or bar. Many know that women with short skirts are plentiful. People also notice handsome males with tight, fitting attractive tops are abounding. So how else does one get friends or a date when they mind their own business too much? Well with so many fish in the ocean, there is a chance to remain ‘chill’ and ‘low-key’ by perhaps minding your own business most of the time. But socializing every now and then to find a companion, lover, spouse or rare find gem to snuggle up and cuddle with is a great treat. So people have to ask others questions. But don’t take it too far when people become unresponsive to what they think are intrusions.

Even as a couple, people in relationships can partake in MYOB Philosophy and keep their business private. WIth so many social media stalkers or even social media predators, privacy is popular these days. So many young ones are telling aunties and uncles to ‘mind their own business!’ ‘Live your lives!’ Some yell out ‘why are you on my Facebook?’ That’s what many millennials are murmuring these days as many people’s business is becoming more apparent and open online. People are watching. Some are gossipy regarding Facebook Profiles, Twitter Accounts and Snapchat Posts. Where is the privacy?

Many experts argue that in today’s age, it’s more like an open book. There are sex tapes. There are naughty pics online and many are being overly expressive. But intruding on people’s space can be obnoxious. It’s obtrusive and wrong if they want to be left unbothered. Minding our own business at times is a way of life. Don’t be caught meddling in the affairs of officers making an important arrest. They could prosecute based on obstruction of justice. So minding our own business could actually be lawful.

When going out, observe others. Do they feel like being talked to? Are they with a clique of friends or are they in their own world while dancing the night away in their own heavenly utopia? Some just want to live, be left alone and mind their own business.

Either way, we all have rights and freedom. If you want to mind your own business today, do that. You don’t have to dance with him. You don’t have to look at her every five minutes just to get her attention. Sometimes, a private moment in introspection regarding our own paths is better than prying in everyone else’s lives. Say it loud, ‘I’m private and I”m proud!’

What To Bring and Not Bring to a Club or Bar

People have questioned others about certain attributes of particular clubs. Is the club accepting of 18, 19 and 20 – year olds? Is there a dress policy? Can jeans be worn? It all depends on a particular club goer’s taste. Some clubs don’t allow hats or headgear. Some of the fanciest clubs sell bottles of wine, champagne, and liquor which could cost hundreds or perhaps even thousands. Don’t forget your ATM card. Club Goers should also bring a valid ID such as a Driver’s License or Passport. An ID is mandatory in most instances.

Women should take heed.  All of the accessories are certainly glamorous, but some items may be unnecessary or too exuberant for the occasion. Heels and stilettos are usually the favorites of many millennials as they party the night away. But will those feet hurt after sashaying to the bar to meet that cute guy or perhaps to socialize with the beautiful woman at the bar who has the prettiest lipstick? Some women have gotten smart and started packing ‘slides’ of ‘flats’ in their purses so that they may change shoes towards the end of the night.

Make sure every girl headed to the club with you is in possession of blush, makeup, and lipstick. By the end of the night, make-up does smear. The smell of sweat from the boys and a sniff of the females’ makeup sometimes hovers over the bar area as empty cocktail cups lay scattered across the dance floor’s aftermath. Spilled liquor is a problem as well. Some have actually slipped on slick dance floors before so bring some good shoes. Slip-resistant shoes could be a stretch too far, but they could possibly work.

Some bars only take cash and may not have an ATM machine. So make sure to bring cash and a debit card. Bring a smartphone just in case a Lyft or Uber driver is needed regarding a designated person who could spin the wheel so that club-goers will get home safely and do their civic duty to society by not drinking and driving intoxicated.

Bring gum or mints. Alcohol or wing breath from a club could be a turnoff for guys or girls who may want to chat or whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears. Some breath spray could do the job so it could be taken to the club with you. Breath spray was the ace ‘breath stabilizer’ of the club stallion who’d be on the lookout for a nice, young woman. A night out could be a spectacular, outgoing and it’s definitely a way to absorb the good vibes from the week and ‘chill out.’ It’s best to be prepared so that all parties will have a magnificent time.

Of course, weapons should be left at home. There are so many items that are not needed or wanted in a nightclub. With so many shootings, weapons should not be tolerated. Most bars don’t allow people to bring in outside drinks or food. So club-goers should be mindful of each particular or club’s rules and regulations. Even fingernail files or nail clippers could be confiscated if metal detectors are used by club personnel and security. Know what each club allows and why they don’t allow certain items and trinkets. It varies. Is your favorite club a high-end one or is it a neighborhood ‘hole-in-the-wall?’

Club owners have different tastes and requirements. Some are more lenient and others are not. Either way, it’s good to be lawful. People want to have a good time so regulations are needed especially with so many things going on these days.

If it’s cold outside, don’t forget a jacket or coat. Some clubs have paid coat checks and you can get a ticket to retrieve your coat or other items upon exiting the club or bar. Oversized bags are not usually allowed in nightclubs. Some bars may be more lenient since some get off work late and go out for drinks. Perhaps they take public transit and can’t leave bags at home. In touristy areas, bags may be allowed in some clubs.

Dress appropriately. If hats are not required, make sure you try to park close to go back to the car to put the hat in there and that goes for any items which the club won’t allow. Drugs are not allowed. And some clubs and bars may stop drunk people from entering and they can stop them at the door, even if they have lots of money to pay.

Patrons can call to see if service animals are allowed. Service animals are popping up all over the place, even where some places advertise that no pets are allowed. If unsure, do research! There are clubs which allow so much more than some of the others. Making a list for what all clubs require is not possible because it varies due to such a wide array of night hotspots. The job of bringing extra cash is becoming a necessity. Some bring umbrellas and party in cheer after finding that the club visited or frequented offers ‘umbrella drops.’ That’s more hands to dance. Some people hate being that girlfriend in the club who holds all of the crew’s handbags while they dance. And some hate being that guy who holds all the drinks and coats of males going to the restroom or trying to dance but don’t want the extra weight.

The best bet is to bring less when going out. Less is still more in a crowded world, in particular, a busy club. People tend to want to be free and loose when going out. They want their hands free. A phone is enough for many as they spend their nights on social media describing every detail of their fun night out. They want their hands free. What’s trending for that club goer is the ability to let go and party hands-free without so many ornaments and belongings that could have been brought from home and could have been an excessive weight for a party night. So don’t go overboard. Bring just enough. Keep illegal things out of clubs. And enjoy the nightlife safe and sound without the excessive add-ons. Bring yourself, your party inner-self and let your hair down or just enjoy the party. Bring life with you! Leave the baggage at home!

To Go Shaved Or Not?

Shaving is imperative for many women and men across the board. Shaving has helped several find mates and they’ve also enjoyed romance better. It’s a clean practice. It can help revitalize the skin. Shaving is a treat for many. But it can be a bore or tiresome burden for others. Some dead skin cells are scraped away which leads to a fresher and cleaner look. To be shaved or not to be shaved is the question of the late hour for party goers. It does take time which is a grave concern for the perfectionist who’d like to have all of his ducks in a row in order to be exhilarated during a night out on the town. Perhaps they don’t have time to perfectly align every practice and thing to do so that it all fits like a glove. Imagine the attention given when shaving is a part of the daily process. Well, that’s if you’re looking for a specific mate who loves the clean-cut or hairless look.

Shaving could be a trial and error type of practice or duty. Are your prospective dates more into you being shaved or not? Do you feel happy being hairy? It’s ultimately up to the person. What makes you happy? You could give it a try over time. You can see if people notice a better look after you shave. Do a mental study. But for now, remember that if you’re looking to be admired; many may be completely turned off by hair. Others see beards and hair as a great asset. Of course, generally speaking; women are more into shaving their arms and legs overall. But some males have become more self-conscious lately. It’s not a bad thought when wanting to be hairless or clean cut. Some males may not shave to avoid certain, unwanted advances. And some women have done the same. Male models have produced a widespread desire to be more hairless in the face and on the arms and legs.

When going out, shaving has rendered spectacular results for both men and women. Shaving reinvigorates the body and leaves the skin smoother and cleaner at times. A close shave may end the reigns of hideous pimples, bumps or zits. Some acne may not respond so easily as in just shaving off skin so that new, more vibrant flesh grows and forms. And razor bumps and itching present a problem for so many, but there are oils and ointments which could heal those razor bump issues and they can also hinder any itching issues which arise. Some use skin cream to help stop that burning, itching sensation. A good alcohol rub followed by a rich moisturizer could render comforting results.

Skin is important. When stepping out for a night out on the town, it’s like being on a runway sometimes. You don’t have to be a superstar in order to sparkle, have pizzaz and stand out so that beautiful skin or handsome features lead to a fabulous or more noticeable glow.

For the shaving novice, there are so many types of razors for them to research or purchase. From electric clippers to the traditional, reasonably priced shaver; people have options. A battery operated razor could be taken if on a rush. At times, there are bathroom attendants in some clubs who offer toiletries and razors for a mid-night touch up or freshen up.

Remember that shaving can be a 30 minute to an hour-long practice. It takes precision and concentration. The nicking could be painful and a nightmare. And some areas are more sensitive than others. If you’re looking for a Bikini Wax, remember the high-sensitivity of the groin area. To many, it’s a blessing to be able to shave and look clean. Cause years ago, settlers and others would use some strange tools and finds in order to shave. For instance, they would use two shells and pull hair out that way. That must have been extremely painful. So it’s a joy to have a better method for shaving these days.

Removing hair has not been simpler than today. Even if in a rush and you can’t go shopping far, there are a plethora of drugstores which stay open late for purchasing shaving items. Clubgoers could easily pick up shavers before making their debut. One miss at the perfect date because of too much hair could lead to a lifetime of heartache. Even if not the cleanest shave, a person could do a quick line up rather.

But what if love is involved? Or what if you want to go out to meet a date or strict friends who love befriending clean-cut people? What if your significant other is not in the mood to shave? Well, look beyond hair! Don’t miss out on love over an argument about shaving. Don’t miss out on the cute boy or pretty girl and hide yourselves because you didn’t shave. If they accept your imperfections, then they accept you. One miss at the perfect date however because of too much hair could lead to a lifetime of heartache. So give it a try either way.

Try shaving to look more appealing if you’re in the hot seat for a date. Some partners don’t want their significant other to shave because of jealous feelings and motives. They don’t want their mate looking ideal or too extravagant with such clean shaves and they hope to keep intruders and competition away. That’s a great idea, except the mate who is ‘shaveless’ may not want to be chastened and left to grow wild hair just to turn people off because of a relationship that may not even last. But it may. But how far is enough? It could be a token of love though. So it’s subjective. Everyone is different. If your bae or baby accepts you for you, then you definitely have a winner in your significant other. But don’t overdo it just to look clean. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to brush teeth, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and then shave. Even before going out, people tend to be pressed for time in many circumstances.

Another person’s wild hair bush could be another person’s fetish, treasure and fantasy. Resistless, some males have shown that clean-shaven faces brings forth smooth skin while they still hold on to their coveted masculinity. Some guys hate looking effeminate per a shave. But there is nothing wrong with looking and feeling cleaner.

The ‘in between’ or metrosexual male has been shaving for decades in order to carry a more effeminate look. Nose hairs and ear hairs are a turnoff for many too. They both can be trimmed with specially designed clippers which mow those unwanted, wild hairs to nothing. They can be bothersome, so a clean shave can do the job. But relief is on the way.

It is definitely not inconsequential to shave or not shave. It’s a personal choice and going shaved or being shaveless are merely two options which are subjective. Some don’t want to conform. Some do. Some of the mustache and beard designs these days are appealing to the eyes. They can be exotic works of art rather, and they reveal attractiveness in having excessive hair. Either way, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. It’s not objective overall. But shaving can be a great practice in regards to building self-esteem. To shave or not to shave is the question.

How To Cut A Toxic Person Out Of Your Lives

With so many ‘friendenemy relationships,’ many are learning that cutting the ropes from the toxicity of foul connections is a great, new age thing to do. Many people frequently quarrel over boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, money and even children. Who will take care of them? Some argue over their futures? With so many people who try to get back at ex-friends and ex-partners because of evil retribution, forgiveness seems to be the best way to go even if former friends and companions part ways. There is that fear of that person coming back to hurt the person who stopped talking to them. Some can’t handle separation that easy even if they have a wicked nature which caused that parting of ways. But when is enough? How many times does a person need to turn the other cheek or be quiet and hold on to a toxic friendship or relationship? It could be subjective. Some can handle more. But certain things which follow are grounds for raising an eyebrow regarding whether there is a true friendship or not. These issues follow: stealing money, stealing identities, stealing a boyfriend or girlfriend and constant badgering.

This is not to mean that every time a friend or associate does a pet peeve of yours, they need to go. There used to be a time when people would sing the hit song ‘hit the road Jack, and don’t you look back; no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road Jack!’ Some have had enough. But some people go the extra mile to make other people stay in their lives. It could be low self-esteem or lack of friends overall. Some get bored and entertain the wrong crowd. But there is not a need to sleep with one eye open. If it isn’t working, then that toxic person must depart. Love them from a distance if they are a hindrance rather than a positive influence in your lives. Cause there are those out there who strive to make happy people’s lives a living hell. It’s possibly a jealous motive that causes their annoying behavior towards people who want to accept them. The toxic person’s energy should be an issue and their negative assaults should be dismissed. One can still forgive and move on. It just wasn’t meant to be.

There are great measures for keeping the wrong person out of your lives. Who needs the extra drama and stress? First off, when is a good time to let him or her go? Is it a lick? Some tell others ‘just go!’ And that is because of physical and emotional abuse. Are the positive things outweighing the negativity? If not, then retrospect. And also a person should introspect and value their worth and heart. What are the signs of a toxic person or bad connection? As mentioned, violence is a big one. Excessive arguing, even if it started from a simple dispute, could be another indicator of knowing when to let a toxic person go. Now what if a person comes on too strong for you or they are too clingy? What if they pressure you in clubs when going out? Your club buddy could be a person of deceit. Or that person could be the bestest friend ever. But analyze the situation. Is it better to be a loner or a person who befriends all kinds of toxic people? It’s best to find quality friends versus a large heap of toxic associates who are full of betrayal, lies and backstabbing motives.

Think of the future! Is a positive outcome available overall if you keep this questionable personality around? Are they worth going out with? Can they behave while drinking? Or will you hear gossip and keep hearing unlawful incidents regarding this person’s addictions or violent behavior? Are they stealing to get drugs? So many have reported all kinds of disputes between long – time friends or ex-friends. Don’t be alarmed or fretful. When it’s time to go, it’s time to flee. Some rely on the cops or a restraining order for keeping the worst people from their surroundings and homes.

A hard place to cut people off too can be in a club or before the club. Are they competing too much? If so, then don’t be stressed out trying to see who will get asked out the most or who looks the best. That faulty club nature, could weigh negatively on the heart. Sometimes some people become intoxicated which leads them to be excessively talkative. They can be combative, argumentative and some lose the ability to stop bothering others. Well that could be a toxic person. Determine whether or not this is a recurring issue with this person or if it’s merely an isolated incident.

Know the signs of a toxic person. Do they keep changing friends? In today’s age, society overall needs to listen more. Some have gone on shooting sprees after telling people how wicked they are. Tell someone about how deep these issues are. It’s real. Analyze situations! Is the person consistent or steady regarding the things in their lives? Are you helping each other? If the person rejects sound counsel and you realize there is a problem with their toxicity, then you’ve done your job as a friend who cared. Watch out when going out! Some people go to clubs just to cause trouble. Some stare at others to degrade them or bring them down to a pit of depression and misery. Well, people don’t have to keep company with misery.  Sound minds should not follow suit with misery and toxicity. Don’t let others compromise your core values. Break free from foul connections. Warning signs are usually there. It’s best to be safe today, versus being in deep regret tomorrow.

It’s hard dealing with a certain type of person who is toxic and not good for a relationship or friendship. Some go out to get over that ex-boyfriend, ex-wife or childhood friend who went rogue. Jealousy ends many relationships too. Don’t let the wrong person be pre-occupied with your life constantly. Some mistakes are too much even for the most forgiving person. Forgiveness is great, but some people still take kindness for weakness; therefore, they continue to be a nuisance. But people are not chained to another person. That person could seek help if they won’t change. But lingering around just to love someone is a horrid thing to do. There are plenty of fish out in the Mediterranean Sea. There are an array of options so that people won’t feel left out. There are plenty of fish in the Pacific Ocean too. So there is hope. We can still get along with our foes and be cordial. But people don’t have to be best friends with the enemy. People need friends and not friendenemies.

When going out, see if that person in question could be a designated driver or you for them. Help one another. The negative weights from toxic connections hinder growth and happiness. Go out with people who love you for who you are. Don’t be bottled down with stress from befriending a person who does not have the best thoughts for you in their interests.

Once you let them go, you don’t have to be harassed. If they aren’t compatible, then why are they there? Are they using you? Some befriend others just to move in and steal their spouses. Don’t be a gullible soul who longs to be loved by someone who is not giving a second thought regarding real love. A toxic person should not have a strong grip over another person’s life. That stronghold is not Kosher. It’s a trap. Break free. Be solo for awhile if that connection isn’t working. In a club, seek good friends and know that security measures are in place to protect. Society has a great deal of tools in place to hinder every attack from a toxic person. Seek help from the law if that person won’t leave you alone. Like a devouring lion, some toxic people come back for more. So stay protected. Know your rights and values. Don’t be demeaned all the time by someone who only desires to hurt you. There’s a brave new world out there with plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t think they aren’t irreplaceable. The old saying ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is a prized saying. Toxic people must go! Find great friends are party buddies who make mistakes, but also don’t end up being toxic. Be safe.

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