So as an Actor, it’s very important to stay in shape. Better safe than sorry. If you get a big role, you could easily gain weight in the meantime. You could prepare for that. But what about afterwards? Would exercise with a diet curb those excess pounds? But of course. To be or not to be overweight is the question Actors! Let’s choose to stay fit even if a little overweight. But it seems like most roles require Actors to be fit or at least healthy in some kind of way. I myself do exercise fitness and have created a dance program called ‘Dance Fitness for the Soul.’ It’s set to my original Christian Music but it’s open to anyone of any background. Always stay in shape. You might be on the set for 17 hours or so. Can you handle the heat? When I worked on the TV show ‘Bones’ in LA, we were on the set for over 18 hours. It took a lot of breath and movement. Stay in shape. It’s good for our health. Of course, life is more than just the outside appearance. But being in shape makes us feel better. Since I’ve been doing push ups, going on brisk walks, playing soccer, flipping and jump roping; I have felt so much better. If you can’t afford a gym, get a jump robe. Get a soccer ball. Play volleyball. Play basketball. And drink plenty of water. Stay in shape Actors! And check out my exercise project ‘Dance Fitness for the Soul.’ Peace and good health to you. Blessings……



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