How do we deal with harassment in the Film and TV industry?



With sexual harassment scandals manifesting, will the Hollywood industry have new players being inducted as key people to look out for? Hollywood has a business culture that many don’t know about. There are usually Payroll Departments, Accounting Associates and so much more. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated as with any harassment. We also know that many crew people spend long hours together and there are more personal chats among each other. It’s best to keep things professional and let people work in peace. Some of these allegations in Hollywood may be true and some may be false or misleading. Either way, going forward; we should always respect the space of co-workers even on sets and at production studios. Racism has to stop too. There are people going through many tumultuous situations these days. So many want to be left alone. Is there a universal catcall going on? Are the #metoos real or not? Yes some may be real. Others may not be real. But let us stick to the facts and not jump to conclusions. We should respect both men and women in the workplace whether it’s in the Hollywood industry or whether it be working at a corporate office for Boeing. I have included links to stories for two sexual harassment scandals. Let us respect the space of our work colleagues. We are weary from seeing so many sexual allegations come out, but we stay up to date to know what to look for in regards to sex scandals.  Below, there are stories about two popular Hollywood legends and their accusations. Please click each link below.


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