Where is the Film and TV Industry in Hollywood, California?

Recently, California has been experiencing horrendous wildfires. Los Angeles City Representatives have stated that in 2017, the City of Angels has seen record breaking fires. Is this affecting filming in California? Of course it is. With so many productions moving to Ireland, the eastern United States and other places; Los Angeles is in big trouble in regards to filming dollars. The cost of living is astronomical. Without major productions, many people will have to find alternative means to make money and enjoy a prosperous livelihood. People have flocked to California this year in 2017 just to witness the lowest filming record on season since Hollywoodland became ‘Hollywood!’ Reality shows are leaving. Atlanta has picked up many shows and are opening studios like ‘crazy.’ Productions such as ‘Macguyver,’ ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Daytime Divas,’ and ’24’ have been shot in Atlanta. What’s next for California? Will wildfires continue to crumble a once successful filming haven? Is the cost of living making it easier for producers and directors to flee the Gold State? Does Los Angeles have a future without major productions? Yes, California has the Silicon Valley. But we’ve all known Los Angeles to be that ‘film haven’ where many people ventured to find their modern day ‘gold’ in a rush for success. But America and the film industry have changed. Now with so many sexual assault allegations, it seems as if many Los Angeles film executives took a final blow. Let us watch out for new ‘Hollywood Havens’ as major films an TV shows are being produced in places such as: Philadelphia, Chicago, North Carolina and even Arkansas. All we can do is wait and see.








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